The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that at Mid-2020 Cumbria’s population was 499,781 persons. When compared to the national average, Cumbria has a lower proportion of younger residents and higher proportion of older residents. The ONS projections suggest that if recent demographic trends were to continue, Cumbria’s total population would decline slightly, with large decreases in the number of 0-15 year olds and 16-64 year olds offset by a large increase in the number of over 65s.  However, scenarios incorporating a range of alternative assumptions about the future can produce very different results to ONS projections and it is important to consider these when considering what might happen in the future.

Below are some key statistics relating to Cumbria’s population. To view these key statistics for smaller areas within the county (i.e. districts, electoral divisions, wards and LSOAs) please click on the ‘Maps’ and ‘Profiles’ options above and for more detailed briefings, summaries, resources, data sources, key documents and useful links, please visit our Further Information page.

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