Electoral Wards are the building blocks of UK administrative geography. Cumbria has 114 electoral wards, also known as Cumbria’s current ‘Statistical Wards’. The average ward size in England & Wales is approximately 5,500 people, but they tend to be smaller in Cumbria (the average ward size was 4,400 people at mid-2020 in Cumbria). Many data sets are available for wards. Ward level data is useful when collating a range of indicators about a local area and for highlighting those areas within Cumbria where a particular set of conditions are being experienced.  However, care should be taken to ensure that data is robust enough at ward level. Another drawback of wards is that they are subject to frequent boundary changes which may mean that it is not possible to compare data over time (the most recent boundary changes in Cumbria took place in 2019). To view statistical profiles for Cumbria’s wards, please click on a theme from the list below and then select a ward from the ‘select an area’ drop down menu that will appear:

To view Cumbria’s ward boundaries, please visit the ‘Maps’ page below, then select ‘Layers’ and check the box to switch on ward boundaries: