Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service work across 38  Fire Station Areas. Cumbria’s Fire Station Areas are built up from groups of small geographical areas known as LSOAs. Cumbria’s Fire Station Areas have an average population of 13,100, but their populations range in size from 1,300 in Bootle Fire Station Area to 56,900 in Barrow Fire Station Area.

To view statistical profiles for Cumbria’s Fire Station Areas, please click on a theme from the list below, then in the ‘Select a Report’ drop down menu that will appear, select ‘Fire Station Area’ and then select a Fire Station Area from the ‘Select an Area’ drop down menu that will appear.

To view Cumbria’s Fire Station Area boundaries, please visit the ‘Maps’ page below, then select ‘Layers’ and check the box to switch on Fire Station Area boundaries:

It is also useful to consider the profiles of the individual LSOAs that fall within each Fire Station Area to get an understanding of how the characteristics of communities within each Fire Station Area vary; to do this please visit our LSOA Profiles.