Children & Young People

In 2011, Cumbria had a higher proportion of the working population with no qualifications (24.2%) than England as a whole (22.5%). However, the proportion in Cumbria was equivalent to the North West Region (24.8%).  The proportion of young people in apprenticeships in the County (5.9%) was higher than in the North West (3.9%) and nationally (3.6%).  In terms of deprivation amongst young people, there were a significantly lower proportion of children in low income families in Cumbria (15.5%) in 2014 than in the North West (22.8%) and the country as a whole (20.1%).  Below are some key statistics relating to children and young people in Cumbria.  To view these key statistics for smaller areas within the county (i.e. districts, electoral divisions, wards and LSOAs) please click on the ‘Maps’ and ‘Profiles’ options above and for more detailed briefings, summaries, resources, data sources, key documents and useful links, please visit our Further Information page.