Cumbria is a relatively safe place in which to live, work and visit.  In many areas, crime and community safety issues are better than the national and / or North West regional average.  There are, however, some areas of concern.  An overview of the issues facing Cumbria and its districts can be found within the Current briefings, summaries and resources section below.

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Crime response and management is covered by a range of legislation. Local authorities and police services have a duty, under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, to work together to develop crime and disorder audits and to implement crime and disorder reduction strategies, in addition to working in partnership with other agencies via Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to tackle any problems identified.  A strategic assessment of crime and community safety in Cumbria is produced annually.

The annual crime and community safety assessment provides the county council and other responsible authorities with an understanding of the levels and patterns of crime, disorder and substance misuse in the county and local areas by providing statistical analysis and information about crime, changes and patterns over time.  The aim of the assessment is to highlight the county’s priorities for the responsible authorities working together to tackle crime, disorder and substance misuse.  It provides the evidence base for the development of Cumbria’s Community Safety Agreement by helping to identify and prioritise the resources and interventions required to combat crime and disorder.

The assessment provides a broad picture of community safety in Cumbria. In addition to analysing and presenting community safety data, the Community Safety Strategic Assessment gives an overview of the main experiences and concerns of local residents.

The annual assessment for 2020-21 can be accessed here:

Crime and Community Safety Strategic Assessment 2020-21

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