County councils do not use traditional wards for electing councillors.  Instead they use their own, larger units which are called Electoral Divisions. In Cumbria there are 84 electoral divisions. Aside from electoral information, there is very little available at this level. However, it is useful to consider the profiles of the wards or LSOAs that fall fully or partially within each electoral division, to get an understanding of the characteristics of that electoral division.

To view profiles containing key statistics for the wards within each of Cumbria’s electoral divisions, please select a theme from the list below, then in the ‘Select a Report’ drop down menu that will appear, select ‘Electoral Division’ and then select an electoral division (ED) from the ‘Select an Area’ drop down menu:

To view Cumbria’s electoral division boundaries, please visit the ‘Maps’ page below, then select ‘Layers’ and check the box to switch on electoral division boundaries:

For lists of Cumbria’s electoral divisions with the wards / LSOAs that sit fully or partially within them, the proportion of each ward / LSOAs population that live within each electoral division and the proportion of each electoral division’s population that live within each ward / LSOA, please click on the links below: