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Housing and Households

This page brings together a variety of information about housing and households in Cumbria.

CLG Household Estimates and Projections

Every two years Communities and Local Government (CLG) produce household estimates and projections at a national, regional and local-authority level by applying projected household formation rates to the ONS Mid-Year Population Estimates and the ONS Subnational Population Projections. For the latest CLG household estimates and projections please click on the link below:

POPGROUP - Population & Housing Projections

Cumbria Intelligence Observatory also use the 'POPGROUP Demographic Forecasting Software', produced by the University of Manchester, to create population and household projections incorporating various local assumptions. For the latest POPGROUP projections for Cumbria and districts, please click here.

CLG Housing Research and Statistics

As well as household estimates and projections, CLG also provide a wide range of additional housing research, statistics, surveys and live data tables covering topics such as: Housing stock (including vacants, conversions and demolitions); House building; Housing market and house prices; Rents, lettings and tenancies; Homelessness; and Social housing sales (including Right to Buy and transfers). To access this information please click on the links below:

2011 Census - Housing Tables

The 2011 Census provided detailed information about the characteristics of Cumbria's households. For 2011 Census briefings and data tables, please visit the pages below:

House Prices & Housing Affordability Ratios

There are two major sources of house price data, Land Registry and Street Value. Land Registry data is based on actual sales for the specific period but can be subject to volatility, particularly in small areas and where there is a mix of property types or a low level of sales. Street Value, produced by CACI, is based on information drawn from mortgage lenders to model house prices. Street Value can be produced for small areas and combined with the CACI Paycheck data set to produce estimates of housing affordability. Links are provided below to access local level house price data, based on the Land Registry, published on the CLG website, and our latest briefing on house prices and housing affordability in Cumbria and districts, based on the CACI Street Value and Paycheck datasets.

Cumbria Housing Strategy

You can view the latest housing strategy for Cumbria (produced jointly by the Cumbria Housing Group) at the link below.  For more information about the strategy please contact Graham Hale, Spatial Planning Team Leader, Cumbria County Council, tel: 01228 226716, or .

Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs)

Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs) provide an evidence base from which future housing and planning policies can be developed. To access the most recent SHMA for each district, please follow the links below:

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